Exadel Fiji

Exadel Fiji is an extension to JavaServer Faces to fully encapsulate Flex and JavaFX. Exadel Fiji extends JSF by allowing the use of Flex and JavaFX with JSF components and within a JSF page. When using Fiji Flex components, developers can use Flex with the same familiar JSF component-based approach to building user interfaces.

Main features:

  • fiji:swt - wrap any Flash component as JSF component
  • fiji:javafx - wrap any Java applet (JavaFX) as JSF component (only in Fiji 2)
  • Ready Flash charts (demo)
    • Column chart
    • Stacked column chart
    • Bar chart
    • Stacked bar chart
    • Line chart

Fiji comes in two versions:

Version Requirements Supported technologies
Fiji 1.x JSF 1.2, RichFaces 3.3.x Flash/Flex
Fiji 2.x JSF 2 Flash/Flex, JavaFX

Out-of-the-box charts are only available in Flash (there are no JavaFX-based charts).